Women's Health

It’s Time to Make Women’s Health a Priority

At Hurley Medical Center, we give women treatment options that empower them while taking into account their specialized needs. We know they often bear the burden of not only their own health concerns but those of others, and we strive to put the focus entirely on them, offering:

  • Compassionate care
  • A welcoming atmosphere
  • Convenient appointments
  • Efficient service
  • Offices close to home or work

It makes perfect sense for patients who are often practiced caregivers themselves to expect their healthcare providers to up their game when it comes to their care. At Hurley, we do all we can to rise to these high expectations.

Here’s how we know we are succeeding. Hurley Medical Center was recently designated as a Blue Distinction Center+ for Maternity Care by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Not only have we met their strict criteria for delivering specialty care safely and effectively, we hit established targets on cost containment and patient satisfaction. We’re proud of this recognition, but even prouder that it represents positive outcomes. When Hurley babies go home healthy, we know we’re doing something right.