We’ve Been Looking For You

As one of Michigan’s premier teaching hospitals, Hurley is always on the lookout for gifted people determined to make a positive impact. If you share our commitment to patient and family-centered care and are ready to live out our core values of compassion, understanding and respect, we invite you to complete an online profile.


  • What positions are available and how do I apply?
    All open positions are posted on our career site. You can search for and apply to positions online from the job board within the careers site. Simply use the link for open jobs.
  • Can I just submit my resume?
    No, to be considered for a position you must fill out the online application in its entirety, although your resume can and should be uploaded as one of the steps toward registering as a new candidate. Any applications not completed in full, or those that are improperly submitted, will be disqualified from consideration.
  • How do I know if my online application was received?
    After you have completed the application, please click “Submit Application”. When you click “Submit”, a confirmation message should appear. You will also receive an email confirming that your application was received.
  • What software browsers are required to complete an application?
    • Internet Explorer 9 or higher
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Mobile/Tablet optimization
  • Does Hurley Medical Center conduct a background investigation prior to employment?
    Yes, all offers of employment are contingent upon successful completion of the new-hire screening and background investigation. This includes employment verification, work references, education verification and criminal background history. Offers of employment can be rescinded for falsification of your application.
  • Where can I locate my offer letter?

    If the hiring manager extends a verbal offer, you will receive an email with the offer letter attached. This letter can also be viewed on the offer review page, which can be accessed by the “Review Offer” link included in the offer email. The link allows you to accept or decline the offer by following these steps:

    1. Open the offer email, click “Review Offer”
    2. When the login dialog box appears, enter your Career Space user ID and password
    3. Select “I Accept the Offer” or “I Decline the Offer”, and click “OK”
  • I’ve been scheduled for an Onboarding appointment. What information do I need?

    Your recruiter will let you know what is required. The information will also be included in your offer letter.

    Onboarding Appointment Documents:

    • Review the List of Acceptable Documents for I-9 purposes and bring acceptable original documents to your appointment (attached to Offer letter).
    • Please bring applicable licensure, certification, registration, and BLS Provider Card (if applicable).
  • I’ve accepted my offer and completed my new-hire screening. What happens now?

    Within 24 hours of accepting the offer, you will receive a “Pre-boarding” email. The Pre-Boarding Online Tour should be completed within 24 hours of receiving it. Upon completion of the background check, you will receive another email which will provide your HMC email address and temporary password. The temporary password should be reset as soon as possible.

    All assigned tasks must be completed prior to the onboarding date. This includes laboratory results and background and criminal checks.

  • Are there any loan-forgiveness opportunities when working at Hurley?

    Yes. Hurley Medical Center is a qualified employer under the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Those with eligible loans could save a lot of money under this program by working at Hurley, especially if they have a high amount of college debt. For more information on the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program visit

  • Does Hurley offer any paying jobs, such as externships, for students?

    Yes, for some job categories. Students in their final year of their education may be eligible for a paid externship, where they can gain extra experience while getting paid - and explore careers at Hurley at the same time. Most of these opportunities are in areas where Hurley is heavily recruiting, such as certain nursing units, information technology, respiratory therapy, and radiology. Contact Hurley Human Resources Service Center to find out more:

  • Does Hurley offer signing bonuses to new hires?

    In some cases, yes. Certain positions are eligible for sign-on bonuses. Contact Hurley Human Resources at to find out which positions offer signing bonuses.

  • Does Hurley reimburse employees for college tuition?

    Partial tuition reimbursement is available for most types of Hurley employees, depending on the agreement between the hospital and the employee’s bargaining unit at Hurley. Contact Hurley Human Resources at to find out how to submit a tuition-reimbursement request.

  • What types of student experiences can lead to employment at Hurley?

    Any learning experience at Hurley can lead to eventual employment at Hurley. For instance, partnerships with area schools have resulted in several combined learning/job opportunities, such as apprenticeships and externships where students are paid to learn. And Hurley also actively recruits students who rotate at Hurley during their traditional education and training period. If you’re interested in working at Hurley after you graduate, be sure to let your Hurley supervisor know. And check Hurley’s career site for opportunities.

  • I work at Hurley but want to advance in my career. What opportunities are available at Hurley?

    Often, going back to school is the best pathway to higher level jobs at a teaching hospital such as Hurley. The State of Michigan - as well as some of our partner schools in the area - offer many tuition incentives to do just that. Contact Hurley Medical Center Human Resources (, Mott Community College, the University of Michigan-Flint, or the college of your choice for more information. In addition, employees often are given the first opportunity to apply for Hurley jobs posted internally - before they are posted externally. From the Hurley Intranet, employees may log into Oasis and then select Opportunities to see a list of open jobs.