Office of Diversity

At Hurley Medical Center, embracing diversity and understanding and accepting our differences is at the very heart of our hospital’s culture. Accepting and valuing the differences inherent in every individual–employee, patients, and patients’ friends and family – and recognizing the contribution he or she can make to our medical center is central to delivering the highest standard of patient care.

Our differences make us better

At Hurley, diversity means that we acknowledge differences and create an inclusive environment in which our diverse skills, perspectives and backgrounds are valued. We understand the individual differences of co-workers that arise from our broad range of backgrounds, lifestyles, perspectives and ideas. We recognize that these differences enhance the quality and outcomes of our work.

We also acknowledge the diversity of our patients and patients’ friends and family members. Our mission ‘Clinical Excellence. Service to People’ means that we treat everyone who walks through our doors with compassion and respect.

Diversity training for new employees

At Hurley, diversity and understanding our organizational culture are part of our new employee orientation. This helps Hurley employees:

  • Understand their own stereotypes, biases and prejudices
  • Develop an awareness of what diversity means and how to value it–in the medical center staff, in patients, and in patients’ families
  • How to respond to an increasingly diverse patient and community population

For more information, contact Hurley Medical Center Human Resources at (810) 262-9140.