Breastfeeding Resources

We understand the challenges that come with breastfeeding, and our commitment lies in supporting your unique journey as a parent. Research consistently highlights breastfeeding as the healthiest choice for nourishing your little one. By initiating breastfeeding soon after birth, you and your baby set the stage for a nurturing bond that can last as long as you both desire.

The benefits of breastfeeding extend to both infants and mothers. Breast milk provides unparalleled nutrition tailored to your baby’s evolving needs. Moreover, breastfeeding offers protection against various illnesses and diseases for both baby and mom.

We acknowledge that breastfeeding isn’t always exclusive to nursing at the breast. Many mothers utilize breast pumps and bottle systems to ensure continuity when separated from their baby or when sharing feeding responsibilities with other family members. We’re here to support you through every aspect of your breastfeeding journey, whatever method feels right for you and your baby.

Breastfeeding Guides for Download/Print:

Lactation Services Available at Hurley

Lactation Consultants are medical professionals who specialize in breastfeeding. They can help educate on how to latch or position your baby as well as help manage issues related to lactation and infant feeding from the breast. Our Lactation Consultants at Hurley are RN’s (Registered Nurses) and IBCLC’s (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants), the highest level of lactation specialty available.

Following the birth of your baby, your nurse will provide the assistance you need to breastfeed your baby. You will learn how to watch for hunger cues, positioning and latch techniques and how to tell if your baby is getting enough to eat. If you and your baby are separated temporarily after birth due to health issues, your nurse will help you establish a milk supply using a breast pump.

In addition to your nurse, there is a team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants available to oversee and assist with more complex breastfeeding concerns including:

  • Difficulty latching at the breast
  • Learning to feed a preterm infant
  • Learning to feed multiples
  • Inadequate weight gain
  • History of breast surgery
  • Mastitis
  • Nipple pain
  • Inverted nipples
  • Low milk supply
  • Oversupply

In addition to individual consultations during your hospital stay, our team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants also provides hands-on or virtual support by appointment at our outpatient breastfeeding clinic 810-262-9773, as well as phone consultations throughout your breastfeeding relationship by calling our Lactation Warm Line at 810-262-9480. You will be asked to leave a message and one of our lactation consultants will return your call within 24 hours.

If you have concerns about your infant that need immediate attention, please contact your child’s pediatrician or other primary care provider.

Breastfeeding Support Clinic

Become familiar with breastfeeding techniques and find the most comfortable position.

When: Tuesdays, 1pm to 4pm by appointment only.
Where: Hurley Children’s Center, in the Flint Farmers’ Market at 300 E. 1st Street.
To Schedule an Appointment: Call 810-262-9773

Let the experts at Hurley help take away the stress of feedings and build confidence, freeing breastfeeding moms to focus on what’s most important–bonding with their infant.

What to Expect at the Breastfeeding Support Clinic

Appointments will last around 1 hour. During this time, our lactation consultant (IBCLC) and pediatrician will go over your and your baby’s medical histories. We’ll also talk to you about your current challenges and breastfeeding (chestfeeding) goals. Next, we’ll weigh your baby and then ask you to feed them. Once you’re done, we’ll check the baby’s post-feeding weight. This gives us a good idea of how much milk a baby transfers. Together, we will then create a feeding plan that works for you and your baby.

Since we will be feeding your baby at the visit, please avoid feeding your baby for two hours before an appointment. Bring expressed breast milk (if available), breast pump and pump parts, medications/supplements (if any), your baby and a support person, if desired.

Meet our Breastfeeding Support Team

  • Lauren Crenshaw RN, BSN, IBCLC
  • Kate Mataway RN, BSN, IBCLC
  • Shonte’ Terhune-Smith BS, IBCLC
  • Katie Watts RN, IBCLC
  • Gwendolyn Reyes, MD Pediatrics

Lactation Support Contacts

  • Hurley Lactation Consultants: 810-262-9480 (Please leave a message with your phone number)
  • Hurley NICU Breastfeeding Support Committee: 810-262-9181
  • Genesee County WIC Office Peer Counselors: 810-667-0448
  • Shiawassee County WIC Office Peer Counselors: 989-743-2383
  • MIHP Health Start Home Visits: 810-262-9317