Breastfeeding Clinics

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Get breastfeeding support from the experts

Our team of lactation consultants and breastfeeding support nurses are passionate about helping mothers who have the desire to breastfeed. As with anything, the trick to success is learning how, from people with experience. That’s why we offer a breastfeeding support clinic to help prepare new mothers.

Location: Hurley Children’s Center–Sumathi Mukkamala Children’s Center, in the Flint Farmers’ Market at 300 E. 1st Street.

Contact us at (810) 262-9773.

Breastfeeding Support Clinic

When: Tuesdays, 1pm to 4pm by appointment only.
You may schedule your appointment by calling (810) 262-9773.

Become familiar with breastfeeding techniques and find the most comfortable position.

Lactation consultants provide:

  • Assistance with positioning and latching on
  • Support for mother and infant

Let the experts at Hurley help take away the stress of feedings and build confidence, freeing breastfeeding moms to focus on what’s most important–bonding with their infant.

Lactation Support Contacts

Hurley Lactation Consultants
Please leave a message with your phone number.

Hurley NICU Breastfeeding Support Committee

Genesee County WIC Office Peer Counselors

Shiawassee County WIC Office Peer Counselors

MIHP Health Start Home Visits