Center for Joint Replacement

The Center for Joint Replacement at Hurley is among the leading joint replacement programs in the nation, recognized by BlueCross BlueShield for expertise and efficiency in delivering knee and hip replacement care. We are also one of only two Project JOINTS exemplar hospitals in the state, a national initiative to implement proven methods for preventing surgical site infection.

Supported by consistently high patient satisfaction ratings, you’re never alone with the Hurley’s Center for Joint Replacement, which creates an environment that promotes wellness while maximizing patient recovery with care that is tailored to the individual’s needs.

Our surgeons routinely perform shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist and finger joint replacement surgeries, part of an extensive continuum of care that includes an educational preoperative evaluation and postoperative rehabilitation.

ROSA Knee Robotic Technology

Orthopedic surgeons and the medical staff at Hurley Medical Center are excited to offer Zimmer Biomet’s ROSA® Knee System, which brings together robotic technology and industry-leading knee implants to help surgeons personalize surgical procedures for their patients. You’re unique, and so are your knees. The ROSA® Knee System uses data collected before and during surgery to assist surgeons in giving you a knee replacement that’s unique and specific to you.

Getting a precise knee implant fit is important to your comfort and overall experience following knee replacement surgery. Surgeons use the computer and software technology to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision during procedures, giving patients an increased chance for better recovery and long term results.

“For everyone involved – surgeons, medical staff and, most importantly, patients – ROSA Knee has the potential to offer a number of key benefits and advantages,” said Catherine Metz, Service Line Administrator of Hurley’s Center for Joint Replacement. “We know the decision to have joint replacement is often a difficult one for patients to make, and we believe these robotically-assisted technologies have the potential to make it an easier one moving forward.”

For more information on how patients may benefit from using ROSA Knee for total knee replacement, contact Hurley’s Center for Joint Replacement using the button above or call (810) 262-6339.