Accurate, timely diagnostic information for excellence in patient care

The highly-trained, specialized staff of Hurley Medical Center’s Laboratory Services team epitomize the mission of Hurley Medical Center: "Clinical Excellence. Service to People."

The highest level of medical treatment possible

Our experience, medical knowledge and technical expertise, our commitment to and investment in education, and our state-of-the-art laboratory facility have made us leaders in the delivery of diagnostic services. For our physician and medical colleagues, this means that they can provide the highest level of medical treatment possible. For our patients, this means a faster return to health and the ability to manage chronic conditions more effectively.

Comprehensive, state-of-the-art laboratory services 

We provide the full spectrum of testing and analysis services, including core laboratory work in areas such as chemistry, blood bank, hematology, urinalysis and microbiology, as well as clinical diagnostic work in transfusion medicine, immunology, immunochemistry, molecular diagnostics and special chemistry. Our anatomic pathology services include surgical diagnostics, autopsy, histology and cytology.

Our Team

The Laboratory Services staff includes four board-certified pathologists, all of whom hold post-graduate degrees in diagnostics or pathology in addition to their medical degrees. Our pathologists provide higher-level, complex diagnostic services in clinical and anatomic pathology, and work closely with physicians from all of the departments at Hurley Medical Center. Our Clinical Chemist is an added resource for consultation, test utilization and interpretation. On unique consults, we also collaborate with faculty from the University of Michigan.

The Laboratory Services team consists of nearly 100 experienced medical technologists and technicians, supplemented by outreach staff and courier services. The unique design of the laboratory, with its all-in-one automated track, means that our staff works side-by-side. This close interaction—and the high level of tenure within the team—facilitates efficiencies and accurate analyses, significantly decreasing opportunities for error and enabling us to provide precise test results to physicians and their patients more quickly. We also have a relationship with Warde Laboratories and use their services for certain types of testing.

The Laboratory Services Department takes most forms of insurance.