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The Power to Control Diabetes is in Your Hands

Managing diabetes is a lifetime commitment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life while monitoring your condition. Our diabetes program is the largest in Genesee County with classes recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and certified by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). Our diabetes educators can help put the power to control diabetes back in your hands through programs that focus on self-management. Trained nurses and dietitians provide you with the tools, education and support you need to feel better and lower your risk for serious health problems.

Diabetes Education Programs

We offer three different Diabetes Education Programs:

  1. Adult Diabetes Program at the Hurley Diabetes Center - (810) 262-2310
  2. Diabetes During Pregnancy Education Program - (810) 262-9126
  3. Pediatric Diabetes Education Program - (810) 262-6162

Adult Diabetes Education Program

Learn how to control your diabetes so you can live a healthy life. We teach you what diabetes is and what puts you at risk for getting diabetes. You’ll also learn about blood sugar monitoring, diabetes medicines, including insulin pump, how to stay healthy with diabetes and what to eat.

Virtual Classes Starting January 2022

Along with in-person and telephone classes, we will soon be launching a virtual class series. This series of 1-hour classes will be twice a week and will run for 4 weeks. A one hour phone assessment is required and can be scheduled starting in December. A doctor’s referral, computer and adequate internet are necessary for this virtual class.

G-2065 Center Road, Suite D
Burton, MI 48519

Call 810-262-2310

Diabetes During Pregnancy Education Program

Pregnant or soon-to-be pregnant women are offered diabetes education and medical management during their pregnancy. Our staff will teach you everything you need to know about pregnancy and diabetes.

You will learn how diabetes affects your pregnancy, what puts you at risk for getting gestational diabetes. We will discuss blood sugar monitoring, your medications and how to take them, how to use your insulin pump, and how to eat and stay healthy with diabetes. Virtual classes available. Call for more information.

Call 810-262-9126

Pediatric Diabetes Education Program

Hurley’s Pediatric Diabetes Education Program is the only diabetes pediatric education and management program of its kind in Genesee County. We assist children with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and pre-diabetes. We work with children and their parents to help them cope with diabetes and stay healthy as they grow. We also visit schools to teach students and school staff about diabetes.

We will teach you and your child what diabetes is, what puts you at risk for getting diabetes, blood sugar monitoring, diabetes medicines, including insulin pump, how to stay healthy with diabetes, and what to eat and not eat.

Call 810-262-6162

Support Group Schedule

Due to pandemic restrictions, support groups have been postponed until further notice. For more information please call (810) 262-2310.