This is a general outline of Insurance elements

Hurley Comprehensive Weight Loss Center recommends contacting your Insurance carrier to verify if Bariatric Surgery or Morbid Obesity is a covered benefit on your policy. Our staff is always available to help with Insurance questions you might have during this process.

Gathering Approval for Bariatric Surgery

Detailed documentation is required to obtain insurance authorization and approval for bariatric surgery. We will need to obtain medical records from your primary care provider. You will also need to complete pre-surgery diet documentation, the duration for this will vary based on your individual insurance policy and program criteria. We have insurance specialists on our team to help navigate you through this process, which can take some time to complete.

Obtaining Approval

Once all test results, evaluations, and diet documentation is complete and medical records obtained, we will submit your case to your insurance company to request authorization for surgery. Your insurance company may take up to 30 days to notify us of their determination. Once we receive their decision, we will notify you to discuss next steps.