Is this an emergency?

In an emergency, seconds count. If life or limb are at risk, call 911 or come to a Hurley emergency room immediately.

Hurley Emergency Room

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For injuries that are urgent, but are not life or limb threatening — Hurley Urgent Care is a great option. Visit a location near you.

Visiting A Patient

Patient-directed visitation

Patient-directed visitation means that each individual patient’s preference, family situation, illness, health condition, safety and security needs are discussed with the patient or patient’s representative in establishing individual guidelines for visitation.

Hurley Medical Center would like to offer these guidelines for visiting a patient:

  • To respect the privacy and comfort of patients in semi-private rooms, we suggest that no more than 2 guests are at the patient’s bedside at one time.
  • The hours between 9pm and 7am are considered “quiet hours” for all units.
  • Extended and overnight visits can be arranged with the patient’s assigned registered nurse. Care partners who anticipate arriving at the hospital after 11pm are asked to pre-arrange their visit with the nurse or to call the unit and speak with the nurse prior to coming to the hospital.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times.

Hurley Medical Center has implemented the following policies for your safety and security:

We appreciate your cooperation with our no smoking policy, which restricts smoking on the hospital campus.

Latex Balloons
Due to allergies, latex balloons are not allowed in patient care areas of the medical center. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid using latex balloons entirely. Mylar balloons are a good alternative.

Violence-Free Zone
In order to ensure the safety and protection of our patients, visitors and employees, verbal and physical violence is not allowed on the medical center campus at any time. Weapons are also not allowed. If you are required to carry a licensed/concealed weapon, you must report to the security office immediately upon entering the medical center grounds.

Visitor Restrictions
Please understand that patients, families, physicians, and other medical professionals reserve the right to restrict visitors for health and safety reasons.

Dress Code
All visitors are required to wear shirts and footwear while visiting the medical center.

For more information about visitation, guests are encouraged to call the nursing unit they will be visiting.