Women's Services

Of course the region’s only high-risk labor and delivery unit commands respect in the arena of obstetric care. Our two inpatient nursing units–Labor and Delivery and Mother/Baby–pull from an OB float pool of professionals who possess the skills to make contributions that matter. There are also two outpatient clinics that provide obstetric care. Nurses need one year of experience in either Labor and Delivery or Mother Baby to be considered for this area, and must be certified in Neonatal Resuscitation Practices (NRP), ACLS and OB ACLS.

Labor and Delivery

Hurley Medical Center participates in as many as 3,000 births a year. As the first taste of life outside the womb, nurses in Labor and Delivery have a chance to provide optimal care for newborns and their moms while enjoying the privilege of being part of the most memorable experience of a patient’s life. A highlight of our services is the Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), which gives patients the best chance for a positive outcome, even when the unexpected happens.

Birthing Center

This 24-bed unit provides care to mothers and newborns following birth. Mother/Baby nurses offer support to mothers as they transition into parenting. Along with assisting in self-care for new mothers, they share insights regarding basic newborn care, including encouragement to keep babies in-room whenever possible.

OB/GYN Clinic

Offering comprehensive prenatal and gynecological care, Hurley’s OB/GYN clinic manages and treats conditions related to the female reproductive system, including pregnancy and childbirth.

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Clinic

Patients with high-risk pregnancies can turn here for comprehensive prenatal and gynecologic care. Clinic nurses become part of a network sensitive to the unique challenges faced by these patients. In addition to monitoring high-risk pregnancies, the staff can help with preconception consultation and genetic counseling.

Parent Education/Lactation Consultant

Certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners, Hurley’s Lactation Consultants educate parents about breastfeeding and help navigate any difficulties that may arise.