Procedural & Surgical Services

Get in on the future of surgical services with an exciting career in this fast-paced field.

Operating Room and Recovery Room

You name it, it’s happening here at Hurley, home of the area’s only Level I trauma center. Inpatient or outpatient, scheduled or emergent procedures–24/7, for patients of all ages. Even robotic surgery is available. Our 12 operating rooms and two procedure rooms are equipped to handle the routine, the complex and everything in between.

Ambulatory Surgery

We perform same-day surgery for a wide range of procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. Pre-admission testing consists of phone screening and potentially a hospital visit to ensure a patient is ready for surgery

Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Host to procedures to evaluate the heart for cardiovascular problems, our Cardiac Catheterization Lab nurses are involved in a dynamic heart program recently awarded an accreditation from Corazon. This comes with a system of reviews to make sure that outcomes and practices remain consistent with the established standard for years to come.

GI Endoscopy

This outpatient area is for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive conditions such as colon polyps, colon cancer, gallbladder problems, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Peptic Ulcer Disease.

Interventional Radiology

Nurses with the technical expertise to pursue this subspecialty of radiology will be involved with the assessment, planning, and care of patients undergoing minimally invasive procedures. Who wouldn’t want to provide patients with the welcome options of less pain and recovery time?