Medical & Surgical Services

Surgical Unit

5 East is a 23-bed patient care unit that provides 24-hour care to acutely ill patients age 18 years and older. A “typical” patient has had either an elective or urgent surgical procedure, a traumatic injury or an orthopedic injury. As with all five of the units that fall under this category, the surgical unit is remote telemetry capable.

Medical Unit

7E Surgical Unit is a 50-bed Medical/Surgical area that provides care to acutely ill adult patients hospitalized with conditions ranging from diabetes to pneumonia. The unit is also equipped to provide virtual telemetry and (CAPD) Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis.

Medical/Surgical Oncology Unit.

9 East is a 42-bed Oncology/ Medical/Surgical unit that attracts nurses gifted in assessment and communication skills. Compassion is a must, as patients in this unit have often had a surgical procedure or are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments for cancer. Some patients also require end-of-life care.

Center for Joint Replacement

Teamwork is the primary buzzword on the sixth floor, home to our Center for Joint Replacement unit, along with our inpatient rehab. The staff rotates among all three units to provide thorough post-surgical care and education to a variety of elective surgical patients. The unit also houses bariatric patients from Hurley’s nationally accredited Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Comprehensive Center (also a BCBS Blue Distinction Center). In accordance with the model of patient- and family-centered care, nurses should be ready to promote independence and autonomy for all patients whenever possible.