Community Programs

At Hurley, we are steadfastly committed to the people of our community, from infants to seniors and everyone in between. More than a hospital, we are our community's partner.

That’s what we do best here at Hurley–partner with our community. We’re reaching out to our adults and children with diabetes education programs, injury prevention, weight loss programs, screenings for breast cancer and other chronic health issues, stop-smoking classes, and geriatric programs for seniors. We're focusing on men's health and nutrition and heart health and a host of other issues, as well as offering our community ways to grow their own food and have fun at the movies. Our goal is to transforming the health of everyone in our community so they can lead safer, healthier lives.

Asthma Disease Management Program

At Hurley Medical Center, we take asthma very seriously and are doing everything we can to help fight it. In fact, we’re a leader in the state of Michigan for pediatric asthma care, with the only home-based Asthma Disease Management program in the region. To teach children and adults how to control their asthma, our Asthma Disease Managers go to health fairs, schools, churches and synagogues, doctors' offices, and community centers. An important link between the community and the hospital, they conduct asthma screening tests, show people how they can reduce asthma triggers, and teach them what to do during an asthma attack. If you would like one of our Asthma Disease Managers to visit your community, call (810) 262-9591 or (810) 262-6125.

Car Seat Checks

The goal of Hurley's Injury Prevention and Safe Kids of Greater Flint programs is to reduce traumatic injuries in Genesee County and the surrounding area. Several times a week throughout the year, all across the region, our Injury Prevention staff manages Child Passenger Safety Seat Inspection Stations where we inspect car seats, give recommendations, and in some cases, give out free or low cost seats. For the schedule of times and locations, click here.

Diabetes Education Programs

Our diabetes education programs help you manage your diabetes yourself so you can be healthier. Our program is the largest in Genesee County and our classes are recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and certified by the Michigan Department of Community Health (MDCH) as quality self-management diabetes education programs. We offer three different Diabetes Education Programs: Adult Diabetes Education Program at the Hurley Diabetes Center, Diabetes During Pregnancy Education Program and Pediatric Diabetes Education Program. For complete information, including diabetes resources and support groups, click here.

Injury Prevention

Most injuries, accidents and fatalities occur because the people involved are not aware of safe habits and routines. The goal of Hurley's Injury Prevention and Safe Kids of Greater Flint programs is to reduce traumatic injuries in Genesee County and the surrounding area. To take this life-saving information out into the community, Hurley’s Injury Prevention team members are constantly reaching out to people who live in Flint and beyond, teaching them what they can do to prevent injuries. Partnering with schools, police and fire departments, community groups, car dealerships, and countless local businesses, Hurley’s Injury Prevention Programs are making great strides at promoting safe habits and keeping our community healthy.

Quit Smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking? Hurley’s Tobacco Treatment Specialists can help! We offer small group classes and individual appointments. Please call 810-262-7898 or email: for more information.