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Hurley Emergency Room

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For injuries that are urgent, but are not life or limb threatening — Hurley Urgent Care is a great option. Visit a location near you.

Asthma Program and Clinic

Hurley Medical Center is a leader in the state of Michigan when it comes to pediatric asthma care.

Hurley Asthma Clinic

The doctors and respiratory therapists at the Hurley Asthma Clinic work with you and your family as a team to manage your asthma. We examine you to find out as much as we can about your asthma. We help you understand how to use your inhaler the right way. We visit your home and show you and your family how to take away triggers that might cause an asthma attack. And we always keep in touch with you to see how you are doing. For more information or to make an appointment, call the Hurley Asthma Clinic at (810) 262-2130.

Hurley Asthma Camp

Even with asthma, you can exercise just like any other kid. This camp will teach you how. Hurley doctors and nurses will show you how to take your medicine and avoid asthma triggers. After this camp, you will feel better and have confidence about playing sports.

For more information please contact one of Hurley’s Asthma Disease Managers:

Michelle Cox, RRT
Hurley Asthma Disease Management
1125 S. Linden Rd #300
Flint, MI 48532
(810) 262-2130

Genesee County Asthma Network

The Genesee County Asthma Network, directed by Michelle Cox, RRT, is a team of many different people who want to reduce asthma in this community. Teachers, parents, pharmacists, doctors, and school nurses are all part of this network. Because it’s a team working together, it can get things that people with asthma need, such as beds, a new bathroom — even a new house. For more information about the Genesee County Asthma Network, use the information above to contact one of the Hurley Asthma Disease Managers.

Asthma Resources

To find resources (classes, health fairs, asthma screenings, support groups) in your community that can help you manage your asthma, or your child’s asthma, use the information below or contact one of the Hurley Asthma Disease Managers.

Hurley Asthma Clinic
(810) 262-2130

Allergy and Asthma Network-Mothers of Asthmatics
(800) 878-4403

American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology
(800) 822-2762

Asthma Initiative of Michigan

Healthy School Assessment Tool (HSAT)
The HSAT is an online assessment to help your school create a healthier school environment. If you represent a Michigan school and want to know what you can do to improve your school’s health, visit the HSAT website.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Asthma Facts & Resources
Asthma Schools and Childcare Providers

Michigan School Inhaler Law (this is current law 2020)
Legislation allowing Michigan public and nonpublic school children, under certain conditions, to carry and self-administer prescribed asthma and allergy medications on school grounds and during school sponsored activities was amended to the Michigan School Code in 2000 and 2004. This ensures that students with asthma and allergies have immediate access to life-saving medications. For more information, visit

Awards For Hurley’s Outstanding Asthma Program

In 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded the Genesee County Asthma Network and the Hurley Medical Center Asthma Clinical Outreach Program for their outstanding leadership in addressing environmental triggers as part of their comprehensive asthma care programs. Only five national organizations received this prestigious award.

In 2007, the Genesee County Childhood Asthma Task Force was honored by the EPA with a National Exemplary Award for Asthma Management. As the only county in the state of Michigan that showed a decrease in asthma morbidity and mortality, Genesee County and Hurley Medical Center are models for other asthma programs across the country.

In 2006, Governor Jennifer Granholm and the Michigan Department of Community Health selected Hurley Medical Center as one of 23 Hometown Health Heroes in the state of Michigan. Hurley received this honor for working tirelessly to maintain and improve the health of its local community.

In 2005, Hurley Medical Center received the Ludwig Award from the Michigan Hospital Association for excellence in asthma education and support services for children.