If the doctors, nurses, and staff of Hurley Medical Center are the backbone of the hospital, Hurley’s volunteers are the heart.

Giving 60,000 hours every year, our volunteers not only provide a wide variety of valuable services to patients and staff, they are the compassionate, caring face of Hurley, carrying out its tradition of “Clinical Excellence. Service to People.”

Benefits of volunteering

  • Free parking during your volunteer shift
  • Meal allowance in the cafeteria for a 4-hour volunteer shift
  • Reference use of the medical library
  • Free flu shots and Hepatitis B vaccines (for volunteers in high-risk areas)


All volunteers are required to attend an orientation program. Prior to working, volunteers need an up-to-date TB (tuberculosis) test on file. Individuals must be at least 16 years of age, except those participating in the Student Volunteer and Health Career Volunteer Programs.

Hurley Medical Center offers three programs where you can volunteer your time and talents

1. Auxiliary
Serving Hurley Medical Center since 1956, our dedicated Auxiliary members contribute over 35,000 hours of service annually to the hospital. The Auxiliary is primarily a service-based organization, but it also raises funds for yearly scholarship awards, special projects, and major equipment purchases for Hurley.

Auxiliary Service areas:

2. Student Volunteer Program
This is the only student volunteer program in Genesee County *and often has a waiting list. Sponsored by the Genesee County Medical Society Alliance, this program is open to students 16-19 years of age in grades 10-12. This well-regarded program not only provides a way for young people to perform community service, it teaches them compassion and the value of caring for others. Hurley Medical Center is very committed to providing this program for the community’s youth, and we are happy that it remains very popular with local high school students. Student volunteers work with nurses, help with errands and patient comfort, answer patient call lights, and transport patients. Students who volunteer for this program are usually interested in health careers and often go into the healthcare field after their Hurley volunteer experience. Students are required to volunteer once a week on the same day for 4 hours, and we ask that they make a 3-month (1 semester) commitment. Registration information is distributed to high schools in September and January every year. Hurley also participates in the Red Cross Summer Youth Volunteer program.

3. Health Career Volunteer Program
This program is for college students and young adults who are interested in health careers and would like exposure to the health care field.

Hurley Medical Center volunteers also serve in the following areas:

  • NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) Our Foster Grandparents are trained volunteers who give sick and premature babies in Hurley’s Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) extra attention when mothers are tending to their other children or resting. Foster Grandparents gently rock, read to, talk to, and comfort infants, all under the supervision of a NICU nurse. Hurley works closely with our local chapter of Foster Grandparents.
  • Compassionate Care Volunteers provide a comforting presence for patients who are dying and do not have family or friends present.
  • On-Call Chaplain Ordained ministers and specially-trained lay people assist Hurley’s Coordinator of Spiritual Care in meeting the spiritual needs of patients. These volunteers work a 24-hour, on-call shift.
  • Rehabilitation, Physical Medicine and Radiology College-level volunteers are needed in Hurley’s rehabilitation units, Physical Medicine Department, the Children’s Rehabilitation Services satellite in the Hurley Children’s Clinic, Hurley’s Eastside Campus, and Hurley SportsCare. Prospective radiology students can explore this field by volunteering in Hurley’s Radiology Department, with staff approval.

Patient and Family Partnership Council

Every voice makes a difference! Here is your opportunity to help shape Hurley Medical Center’s health care services for all patients and families. Hurley’s senior leadership would like to invite you to consider applying to serve on the Hurley Patient and Family Partnership Council, a partnership between families and Hurley staff to promote and support patient- and family-centered values and to help shape hospital services. We also have opportunities for patient and family membership to serve on several department-based PFCC councils. For more information about the Hurley Patient and Family Partnership Council, click here.

If you would like to volunteer:

Please complete a volunteer application and release of information form.