Quit Smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking? Hurley’s Tobacco Treatment Specialists can help!

QUIT classes are appropriate for all types of tobacco use

  • Discover your smoking patterns
  • Change your behaviors and learn how to develop healthier lifestyle habits
  • Create a personal quit plan
  • Learn about addiction, and how to break the cycle and live tobacco free
  • Learn about withdrawal symptoms and how to minimize them
  • Discover the different Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) options available to you

Pre-registration is required. Call 810-262-7898 or email DCampbe2@hurleymc.com to register today! Individual appointments are also available.

Are You Pregnant and Smoking?

We can help! Smoking can cause you to deliver your baby prematurely. It is associated with low-birth weight babies. Quitting smoking is the best thing you can do to improve your health and the health of your baby. Please contact Hurley for confidential and free appointments to help you quit smoking.

Additionally, The Michigan Tobacco Quitline has created special programs just for pregnant women. It is free and confidential. You will receive up to nine calls during your pregnancy and postpartum. You also can earn rewards after every call that you can use to buy things for you and your baby. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or 1-800-784-8669

You Can Quit

Getting ready to quit smoking can be overwhelming, that’s why we’re here to help. We’ve put together a list of quit smoking tips to help you prepare for your first day without cigarettes. Let’s get started! I’m ready to quit! (file name: 8 quit tips)

Track your usage. Every time you smoke (even if you relight a cigarette) track it on this form.

Consider using a quit smoking medication, it can double your success rate. The table below lists the most common quit smoking medications. Many Over-the-Counter medications are covered through insurance. Speak with your physician about a prescription and contact your insurance company for your coverage.

Brand Name Generic Name Availability Description
NicoDerm CQ® Equate® Habitrol® Nicotine Patches (NRT) Over-the-Counter The nicotine patch is placed on the skin. It gives the user a small and steady amount of nicotine. Multiple dosages are available.
Nicorette® Equate® Zonnic® Nicotine Gum (NRT) Over-the-Counter Nicotine gum is chewed to release nicotine. The user chews the gum until it produces a tingling feeling, and then places it between their cheek and gums.
Nicorette® Equate® Zonnic® Commit® Nicotine Lozenges (NRT) Over-the-Counter Nicotine lozenges look like hard candy and are placed in the mouth. The lozenge releases nicotine and slowly dissolves in the mouth.
Nicotrol® ENDIT® Nicotine Inhaler (NRT) Prescription A nicotine inhaler is a cartridge attached to a mouthpiece. Inhaling through the mouthpiece gives the user a specific amount of nicotine with each inhale.
Nicorette® Nicotrol NS® NicAssist® Nicotine Nasal Spray (NRT) Prescription Nicotine nasal spray is a pump bottle containing nicotine, which is put into the nose and sprayed.
Zyban® Bupropion Prescription This medication is taken in pill form. It helps to reduce nicotine withdrawal and the urge to smoke. It can be used safely with NRT.
Chantix® Varenicline Prescription This medication is taken in pill form. It helps to reduce nicotine withdrawal and the urge to smoke. It also blocks the effects of nicotine from cigarettes if the user starts smoking again.