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Asthma Disease Management Program

The following describes asthma and the treatment of asthma, especially in children. For specific information regarding your or your child’s health and treatment options, please contact your Hurley physician or medical professional.

At Hurley Medical Center, we take asthma very seriously.

In fact, we’re a leader in the state of Michigan for pediatric asthma care, with the only home-based Asthma Disease Management program in the region.

Teaching our community about asthma

In the mid-Michigan region, asthma is far too common. This is unacceptable and at Hurley Medical Center, we’re doing everything we can to change it. To teach children and adults how to control their asthma, our Asthma Disease Managers go to health fairs, schools, churches and synagogues, doctors' offices, and community centers. An important link between the community and the hospital, they conduct asthma screening tests, show people how they can reduce asthma triggers, and teach them what to do during an asthma attack. If you would like one of our Asthma Disease Managers to visit your community, call (810) 262-9591 or (810) 262-6125.

Genesee County Asthma Network

The Genesee County Asthma Network is a team of people who try to reduce asthma in our community. Teachers, parents, pharmacists, doctors, and school nurses are all part of this network. Because it's a team working together, it can get things donated that people with asthma need, such as beds, a new bathroom–even a new house. To contact the Genesee County Asthma Network, call (810) 262-9120.

Not One More Life

Hurley Asthma Disease Managers have had great success with Not One More Life, created by Dr. Leroy Graham, a pulmonologist from Atlanta. Aimed at inner city churches, Not One More Life teaches congregations about asthma, how to manage it, and how to prevent it. Hurley Respiratory Therapists perform asthma screenings for adults and children, along with a Hurley asthma physician. After each presentation, Hurley Asthma Disease Managers follow up.

MATCH Program

Through the MATCH Program (Managing Asthma Through Case Management in the Home), one of our Hurley Asthma Disease Managers will visit you and your child in your home, check your child’s asthma medicine, make sure he/she is using the inhaler correctly, and show you and your family how to get rid of things that can trigger your child’s asthma.

Asthma 1-2-3

In the local schools, Hurley Asthma Disease Managers use an American Lung Association teacher-based program called Asthma 1-2-3 to educate teachers and school staff about asthma.


Working with the Asthma Initiative of Michigan, Hurley Asthma Disease Managers have implemented the FLARE Plan at Hurley, an after-Emergency Room discharge plan. All asthma patients who are treated in Hurley’s Emergency Room—adults and children—are given the FLARE Plan, a mini-asthma action plan that tells them who to follow up with after they have been discharged from the hospital.

Important contact information

Asthma Initiative of Michigan

For more information about pediatric asthma or to make an appointment at the Hurley Asthma Clinic, call the Hurley Asthma Clinic at (810) 262-2130.

To learn more about Hurley Pediatric Asthma Classes (at Hurley Asthma Clinic), call (810) 262-2130.

To learn more about Hurley Pediatric Asthma Support Groups (various topics/locations), call (810) 262-9120. (Genesee County Asthma Network)

To contact Hurley Asthma Disease Managers, call (810) 262-9591 or (810) 262-6125.

Helpful asthma websites and resources