Stroke Center

Stroke is a medical emergency. By calling 911, early treatment can be given which can prevent further damage to the brain.


The foundation for the Hurley Stroke Program was laid back in 2007/2008. During this time Hurley became a Joint Commission certified Primary Stroke Center. Since that time, the policies, procedures and quality care have continued and in November of 2016 Hurley became a Primary Stroke Center.


Mission: Becoming a Joint Commission Primary Stroke Center matches a core part of Hurley Medical Center’s mission of “Clinical Excellence and Service to People”. The mission of the Stroke Program is to provide a continuum of care for stroke patients that is timely, safe, evidence-based and patient-centered. This includes a commitment to the detection, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular disease, aneurysm and stroke.

Scope: The target population of the stroke program is the community-based and hospital- based customers who are demonstrating signs and symptoms stroke and those who are at high risk of having a stroke. Hurley Medical Center Stroke Program is working with the community on stroke education and general risk factors.

Level of Care Provided

The Stroke program provides the following services on a 24/7 basis:

  • On-call Neurology and Neurosurgery physicians
  • Fully functioning operating room
  • CT imaging
  • Ability to complete initial lab tests, ECG and chest x-rays
  • Ability to administer intravenous thrombolytic therapy

Our highly trained, board-certified physicians and nurses provide rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients from the first moment they enter our facility. We follow emergency medicine best practices to help stabilize patients, assess the severity of the event, deliver immediate care, and coordinate admission to Hurley’s specialized cardiac and neurological facilities.

Hurley’s Stroke Center includes a comprehensive rehabilitation program, ensuring the full continuum of care is provided to the patient.

Stroke Survivor Support Group

We host a support group for discharged stroke patients and/or their caregivers on the last Thursday of every month from 2:00–3:00 pm. Please check the support group schedule for dates and more details.