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Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Hurley Medical Center’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Centers, located conveniently throughout the community, provide high-quality patient care that includes physical medicine management and one-on-one physical, occupational, and speech and language therapy to adult and pediatric patients from across Northeastern Michigan.

Our team of experienced therapists work collaboratively with patients and their families to help individuals recover—in body, mind and spirit—from surgery, acute illnesses, injuries and chronic conditions.

Outpatient Therapy Central Scheduling
To make an appointment at one of our therapy centers please call (810) 262-2000.

Family Rehabilitation Center - Hurley West Flint Campus

Youth/Adult Services
Our multidisciplinary treatment approach emphasizes both physical recovery and family participation to reach the patient’s highest functioning potential, including physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Our experienced staff provides advanced treatment of orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, total joint replacement aftercare, neurological disorders and debilitating conditions.

Children’s Services
A specially designed treatment environment and experienced therapists with skills and training in the area of pediatric rehabilitation create a unique and rich program. Treatment is based on the individual and age, with short term services that focus on training the family to understand and work with the child’s condition and rehabilitative needs. Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are offered.

HandCare - Hand Therapy Rehabilitation
Certified Hand Therapists provide specialized treatment for hand and upper extremity injuries and disorders. Our patients are actively engaged in a structured progressive treatment program to maximize use of their hands and prepare them for return to the functional demands in their lives. Additionally, patients are provided with education regarding their specific condition and provided with strategies to manage their condition beyond the course of therapy and to prevent further disability.

SportsCare - Sports/Orthopedic/Spine Therapy Services

Our physical therapy team works together to provide specialized treatment in the area of sports, spine and orthopedic injuries, as well as individualized therapy following joint replacement. Our specialized MedX equipment and advanced staff treatment skills address the needs of the patient requiring back and neck rehabilitation. The team focuses on injury prevention, acute and post-surgical management of injuries and complete functional rehabilitation. We utilize the latest software and technologies to maximize outcomes and objectively treat stability, strength and functional deficits when it comes to upper and lower extremity and spinal conditions.

SportsCare locations:

4500 South Saginaw St.
Flint, MI 48507
(810) 262-2285

5219 W. Pierson Rd.
Flushing, MI 48433
(810) 262-7896

Post Rehabilitation Exercise Program - P.R.E.P.

Patients receive one free month membership to continue a fitness program upon completion of their therapy treatment.

A physician referral is required to initiate services in our programs. Most insurance plans are accepted.