Mobile Phlebotomy

Our Techs Come to You

Between fasting and scheduling a time to go in, getting lab work done can be tricky to fit in to busy lives. Hurley’s Outreach Lab Services can help. Whether you’re the parent of a young child who needs blood drawn or an elderly patient who has a tough time getting to a physician’s office or drawing station, our expert lab personnel will come to you. Simply leave a message with our mobile phlebotomy team or have your doctor’s office fax a request form over. From there, the mobile technician will handle everything from scheduling a convenient time to making sure results get sent to wherever they need to go—all at no additional cost.

The Benefits of Mobile Phlebotomy Services

  • Available to all patients
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 3:30 am – 12:00 pm
  • Blood draws for patients in nursing and assisted living homes are done early to minimize schedule disruption
  • Draws are scheduled within a week of being ordered
  • Results are sent wherever they need to go*
  • No additional cost to the patient

*Please Note: Our Mobile Phlebotomy Team does not provide STAT draws.

Anyone can take advantage of this service, including

  • Patients who are homebound
  • Children
  • Geriatric patients
  • High-anxiety patients
  • Patients who are pressed for time

As part of the Hurley Medical Center Laboratory, the mobile phlebotomy team is made up of only the most experienced laboratory technicians. You can count on all specimens being properly collected and handled to ensure the integrity of the sample.

We can’t endure the needle prick for you, but our mobile phlebotomy team can save you some of the pain of getting lab work done. Contact us today to schedule a home or workplace draw.

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