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Cathryn Sharich, MS, LLP

Cathy Sharich holds a Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Limited License Psychologist as well as a Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor, specializing in child evaluation and custody cases. She started in early childhood development where she worked with the Head Start Program as a teacher, then as a disabilities coordinator for the Flint Schools. During that time she worked with parents, families in distress, and children with many difficulties who were falling through the cracks.

Since becoming a therapist, Cathy has specialized in traumatized women and children, children and teens with behavior problems needing coordination with schools and parents, bipolar disorders, grief reactions to loss, depression, anxiety, and adjustment reactions centering on marital problems, moves, and job loss. She has given numerous workshops and seminars on these issues, as well as empowerment, coping with difficult people, and the use of humor under stress. She has over twenty years of combined clinical and educational experience working with children, parents and adults.