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Pastoral Care Services

For many patients and their families, spirituality is an important part of healing and wellness.

Through our Pastoral Care Services, Hurley Medical Center demonstrates a commitment to clinical excellence and comprehensive care that embraces each individual’s physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs. We also counsel Hurley medical professionals and staff in one-on-one conversations and inservices that address topics such as spiritual care of patients, bioethics, advanced directives, how to pray with patients, and issues relating to loss and grief.

24-Hour Pastoral Care Services

Pastoral Care Services provides 24-hour, on-call access through the services of the Coordinator of Pastoral Care and our volunteer chaplains. As part of the patient-admission process, patients are asked questions regarding spiritual care, including whether they would like to speak to a Hurley chaplain or their own spiritual advisors.

To contact one of our chaplains, patients and families may also tell their nurse or call (810) 262-9517. If the need for pastoral care is urgent, please page Pastoral Care Services through the hospital operators.

Caring, confidential pastoral care

Individuals who seek pastoral care come from many faith traditions and have a broad range of questions and concerns. Common reasons for speaking with a chaplain include the following:

  • Patient or family requests a Bible
  • Religious interest
  • Spiritual needs
  • Questions about advanced directives
  • Giving thanks
  • Fearfulness, anxiety or hopelessness
  • Guilt or loneliness
  • Attempted suicide
  • Loss of will to live
  • Facing death
  • Hostility
  • Non-acceptance of diagnosis
  • Surgery
  • Handicap or change in body image
  • Long convalescence
  • “Hospitalitis” (negative response to an extended hospital stay)
  • Critical illness
  • Stillbirth
  • Patient considering hospice
  • Making a decision about code status
  • Grief issues
  • Bereavement support
  • Sudden trauma

Our Pastoral Care Services Staff

Pastoral Care Services at Hurley Medical Center is led by a professional chaplain who serves as Coordinator of Pastoral Care. Our more than two-dozen, highly experienced volunteer chaplains include ordained clergy and lay persons, all of whom are strong members of the faith community and have been referred to Hurley by existing members of the pastoral care team. Individuals may ask to speak to a chaplain of his or her own faith; however, all of our chaplains are committed to a ministry of listening and prayer that respects each person’s spiritual path and their relationships to themselves, others and their God.

In addition to counseling of individuals and families, we conduct regular religious services —including Catholic Mass on Saturdays and holy days, and ecumenical services on major Christian and Jewish holidays — as well as other services that recognize particular traditions or may be called upon for various reasons.

We provide access to pastoral care throughout Hurley Medical Center. Some of our volunteer chaplains have a special interest in specific communities or groups of patients. These chaplains may spend additional time in hospital units that serve children, seniors, cancer patients and others.

For more information on Pastoral Care Services at Hurley Medical Center, please contact the Coordinator of Pastoral Care at (810) 262-9517.