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Guest Services

While you are at Hurley Medical Center, either as a patient or a visitor,
you are our guest.

To make sure your stay at Hurley Medical Center is as pleasant and safe as possible, we have created several guest services so that you and your loved ones can get the information you need and can have a positive hospital experience. 

To send flowers or gifts to a patient, click here.

To learn about Jazzman's, our lobby café, click here.

For a list of area pharmacies, click here.

For directions to our three campuses, click here.

For a list of local transportation companies, click here.

For information about local airports and places to stay, click here.

To contact a palliative care specialist who can help with the side effects of medical treatments, click here.

To contact a pastor or religious representative, click here.

To contact a Hurley Patient Representative, click here.